Man & Wood Smart Ring Holder (Zebrano)



The Man & Wood Smart Ring Holder is designed for your smartphones for convenience. This ring can revolve in 180 degrees as well as 360 degrees, designed for every angle you'd like. This ring prevents your smartphone to slip away from your hands especially when using it one handed.

This ring has a great adhesive grip.
Ring can be used as a stand for watching landscape videos.
Optimized for one handed use.

One of the various products of Man & Wood,regards to smart phone protective cases and related products and has the following features, As a real-wood product,it is made of natural wood materials with various colors and the natural texture can be felt vividly. It is a premium product created by sensible designs to conserve the natural texture of the scarcit and beauty of wood. Electromagnetic wave reducing effects and heat release functions are highly increased through a blending of natural wood and a third material. It is an environmental-and-human-friendly product made from eco-friendly ingredients and finishing materials.


Category: Generic, Mobile Accessories, Ring Holder

Type: Mobile Accessories